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  • Attendance
  • Total Attendance 96.92%
  • Year 4 Attendance 97.73%
  • Year 3 Attendance 95.50%
  • Year 2 Attendance 96.70%
  • Year 1 Attendance 96.18%
  • Reception Attendance 98.53%
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Music is a subject which inspires and engages children and promotes a love of various styles of music.  At Templefield we aim to provide many opportunities for the children to engage in high-quality learning where they have time to explore and learn about all aspects of music.  Across the year groups, children will be taught key skills within the following processes to develop their musical appreciation and talent:


  • Listening
  • Singing
  • Improvising
  • Playing
  • Composing
  • Recognising the works of great composers


Within our connected curriculum, music plays a significant part.  When planning, teachers link music lessons as much as possible to other subjects in the curriculum; this allows our children to develop a greater understanding of music within a broader range of learning.


Early Years Foundation Stage:

Music is taught as an intrinsic part of the EYFS curriculum. In Early Years, activities are planned as part of the continuous provision and adult directed activities which deliver objectives from Expressive Arts and Design and Literacy.


Years 1 – 4:

Music is taught through our Creative Curriculum, using 'Charanga' as our planning tool and scheme to ensure coverage of key skills and assist non-specialist teachers.


Planning takes into account the National Curriculum areas of study including: composing, responding, performing and appraising.


  • Children are taught to sing a variety of songs and to use their voices expressively. Children have the opportunity to play tuned and un-tuned instruments with increasing control and will rehearse and perform with others with an awareness of an audience.
  • Children create musical patterns and are shown how to explore, select and organise musical ideas, recording these in a variety of ways e.g. pictorial score, iPad or using notation.
  • Children are given the opportunity to explore and explain their own ideas and feelings about music, using dance, expressive language and musical vocabulary.
  • Children are given opportunities to analyse and compare sounds and become confident at suggesting improvements for their own work and that of others.
  • Children are given opportunities to listen with concentration and internalise and recall sounds with increasing memory to assist them to develop a growing awareness of the eight musical elements: duration, dynamics, pitch, silence, tempo, texture, structure and timbre.
  • Children learn that time and place can influence the way music is created, performed and heard, that music is produced in different ways and is described through invented and standard notations.


Clubs and Additional Opportunities:


All Key Stage Two children are invited to take part in music lessons provided by Inspiring Music. Pupils can take up guitar and piano lessons. For more information please follow this link. 


Templefield Lower School has a fantastic school choir, open to years 3 and 4. The children are provided with a wide range of experiences and our young musicians are often given the chance to showcase their talents to an audience. The choir has performed at local nursing homes, Redbourne Upper School, PTA events and are due to go to Wembley in February 2022.  The children and parents look forward to these concerts and they are always well supported.


During their time in school, there are several occasions where the children perform to an audience. Music is a key element of the EYFS and Lower KS1 Christmas productions. Whilst Year 4 children perform end of year shows for parents and friends. Class celebration assemblies include an element of performance and musical opportunities.



Assessment is ongoing through observation, discussion and peer assessment. This is used to inform planning. 


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School tours for children due to start school in Sept 2022 will be held on Wed 6 Oct 10am, Mon 11 Oct 4pm, Thur 21 Oct 10am, Thur 4 Nov 4pm, Wed 10 Nov 10am, Wed 17 Nov 10am and Thur 25 Nov 10am. Please contact us on 01525 713625 to book your place on a tour.

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