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  • Attendance
  • Total Attendance 95.9%
  • Year 4 Attendance 94.3%
  • Year 3 Attendance 96.2%
  • Year 2 Attendance 96.4%
  • Year 1 Attendance 95.3%
  • Reception Attendance 96.6%
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Being School Ready

Your child will be starting school in September,

we have put together a list of things that we believe will support your child to be school ready!


⭐️Self care⭐️

▪️I can use the toilet independently 

▪️I can wash and dry my own hands 

▪️I can blow my own nose 

▪️I can ask for help if I feel unwell  



▪️I can put my own coat on and off 

▪️I can put my own shoes on and off 

▪️I can get change out of my clothes and put different ones on 

▪️I can pour my own drinks 

▪️I can open my packed lunch box and eat independently 

▪️I can use a knife and fork 

▪️I can sit at a table when I eat 


⭐️Social and Emotional⭐️

▪️I am confident being away from my mummy, daddy or main carer ‍‍

▪️I am able to express my emotions, thoughts and needs to be met 

▪️I am willing to try 

▪️I am able to turn take and share 

▪️I can interact and play games with others 

▪️I try to be a good friend 

▪️I have persistence 

▪️I can problem solve 


⭐️Gross and fine motor skills⭐️

▪️I have gained good muscle control in my hands 

▪️I can hold a pen comfortably ️

▪️ I have good balance 

▪️I am confident within climbing, jumping, and running ‍♂️ 

▪️I am learning to manage my own risks ️


⭐️Listening and understanding⭐️ 

▪️I can follow boundaries and routines 

▪️ I am able to sit still for a short while and listen 

▪️I can follow instructions 


⭐️Literacy and Speaking⭐️

▪️I am understood when I talk 

▪️I am able talk about myself, my thoughts and feelings

▪️ I am exploring and interested in books, pictures stories, and music  

▪️I am practicing to recognise my own name when it’s written down 


⭐️Maths Skills⭐️ 

▪️I am aware of numbers and counting 

▪️I join in with number words, songs and play 

▪️I experiment with emptying and filling sand/water containers 

▪️I can recognise some written numbers  ️

▪️I look at numbers in my community 



▪️I have practiced getting my uniform on and being ready to leave on time 

▪️I have a good bedtime routine so I am not tired for school 

▪️I am learning to eat at the same time as I would at school 

▪️I am making sure I have breakfast before I leave for school 



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