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  • Attendance
  • Total Attendance 96.92%
  • Year 4 Attendance 97.73%
  • Year 3 Attendance 95.50%
  • Year 2 Attendance 96.70%
  • Year 1 Attendance 96.18%
  • Reception Attendance 98.53%
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Intent, Implementation & Impact


    When planning Computing at Templefield Lower School we are committed to ensuring children are given the skills they need to use up-to-date technology confidently across the curriculum. Our goal is for all children to be computer literate before leaving our school by incorporating lots of memorable experiences in the process.

    Computing skills allow children to take full advantage of all the technology we have available to us, this is constantly changing as new developments are made, so we are aware that how we teach computing will need to adapt accordingly. We want to give our children the confidence to access different technologies and understand how they work, this will then allow them to self-select the right technology for what they are doing and independently.

    Our computing curriculum is centred on children knowing how to access technology around them, but fundamentally how to keep safe at all times. This will start with our youngest children and continue to be developed in their next school.



  • We have clear objectives to follow based on the National Curriculum that have been broken down into year groups, allowing teachers to give a better insight into what each child can do. It gives ideas for differentiation and shows the difference between working towards, meeting and exceeding for all objectives making assessment easier.


National Curriculum Strands

Digital Literacy

Information Technology

Computer Science


Our 6 Key Skills

Coding and Algorithms

Communication and Research

Text Processing and Multimedia

Information Handling

Simulations and Digital Images



  • Children have access to a variety of hardware (computers, iPads, beebots etc) and software that allow them to develop these skills.
  • Teaching and learning should allow for clear progression from our youngest Nursery children to our Year 4s and ensuring that this can be continued in their new school for Upper Key Stage 2. Clear progression is shown through our objectives and allows each child to continually build on their prior learning.
  • Teacher’s have created a clear scheme of work that provides coverage of the National Curriculum strands and our 6 key skills.
  • Computing should be incorporated into other subject areas in a meaningful context to show the benefits of using technology to solve a wide range of problems.
  • Online safety is shown through displays and taught discreetly to all age groups.
  • Parents are kept informed of issues at school and in the news regarding technology. Information meetings are provided when necessary, along with newsletters to share information.
  • Information is gathered regularly from staff, parents and children to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning and experiences we provide and how we can develop further.



  • Children will be confident users of technology both at home and school for a range of purposes.
  • Baseline and summative assessments will be used to determine what the children know and how we can move their learning on.
  • Children will have a good knowledge of different technology and digital systems. They will understand how much technology has changed and how it is constantly evolving from this point on.
  • Children will apply British values and our school values to ensure they use technology safely and respectfully at all times.

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School tours for children due to start school in Sept 2022 will be held on Wed 6 Oct 10am, Mon 11 Oct 4pm, Thur 21 Oct 10am, Thur 4 Nov 4pm, Wed 10 Nov 10am, Wed 17 Nov 10am and Thur 25 Nov 10am. Please contact us on 01525 713625 to book your place on a tour.

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