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  • Attendance
  • Nursery
  • Reception 95.29%
  • Year 1 97.15%
  • Year 2 97.07%
  • Year 3 97.52%%
  • Year 4 97.17%
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Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World


As a school we looked at Christmas traditions from around the world.  The children took part in an assembly to look at different customs and then each year group looked further at a specific country.  They then completed a craft activity based on a tradition from their chosen country.  

Foundation went to Russia to learn about the story of Babushka.  They then decorated Russian Dolls.


Year 1 travelled to Germany where they learnt a traditional German rhyme and how gingerbread houses originated there.  They enjoyed designing their own paper gingerbread houses and dolls.


Year 2 found out about the traditions in Norway.  They made a traditional Norwegian Christmas tree decoration called 'Julekurver'.  These are small paper baskets in the shape of a heart.


Year 3 learnt how on Christmas Eve, Christians in Goa hang out giant paper lanterns in the shape of stars.  


Year 4 went to Mexico and found out that houses will be decorated with red Christmas plants called poinsettias.  They then made their own paper poinsettias.



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