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  • Attendance
  • Total Attendance 96.92%
  • Year 4 Attendance 97.73%
  • Year 3 Attendance 95.50%
  • Year 2 Attendance 96.70%
  • Year 1 Attendance 96.18%
  • Reception Attendance 98.53%
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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year


In January we celebrated Chinese New Year and the year of the rat. 

As a school we carried out cross curricular activities about the festival and China as a country.  We began the day with a whole school assesmbly and even had our lunch hatch decorated.


Each year group carried out a different activity which was then generated into a whole school display. 

Foundation had lots of fun dressing up in traditional Chinese clothes and listening to Chinese music.  They also explored a range of Chinese artefacts.


Year 1 identified which continent China was in and located it on a world map.  They wrote their wishes onto red paper and tied an orange to them ready to throw them up into the 'ancient Banyan' treeIt is believed that if the wishes get stuck in the tree and hang on one of the branches, the wish will come true.  They also had lots of fun making paper lanterns and rats. 


Year 2 made concertina lolly stick dragons and rat book marks to represent the year of the rat.


Year 3 made Chinese Zodiac wheels.  They looked at the story of the Chinese zodiac and traits of each animal.


Year 4 looked at the story of Nian.  They then created their own Chinese dragons using chalk and string on black paper.  They looked very effective!

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