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December 17, 2015

At Templefield PE is seen as very important to children’s fitness and wellbeing. The PE curriculum is very broad so that children can take part in a variety of sporting activities. These include gymnastics, outdoor adventurous activities, dance, tag rugby, invasion games, striking and fielding games and tennis. In years two, three and four the children also go off site to develop their swimming ability at Flitwick leisure centre.To ensure the children experience best practice, we employ specialist coaches for some sports, whom the teacher will shadow to develop their own practice and be better equipped to continue teaching the children in the future.
The school provides many enrichment activities in the form of before and after school clubs. The following clubs run throughout the year:


Basket Ball club: This is run by Premier Sports, this takes place before school and is paid for by parents (Open to Years 2, 3 and 4)


Street Dance club: This is run by Premier Performing Arts, this takes place before school and is paid for by parents (Open to all children in years 3 and 4)


Gym club/Multi skills activities: This after school club is run by Premier Sports and is paid for by parents (Open to all children in year 1, 2,3,4,)


Tag Rugby club: This after school club is run my Bruce McTavish from Ampthill Rugby club and paid for by parents (year 3 and 4)


Cricket Club: This afterschool club is run by Bedfordshire Cricket Club
(Open to Year 3 and 4)


More details of these clubs can be found under Newsletters and Club news links

In the summer we also have:


Athletics club – Run by Bruce McTavish and paid for by parents

We are also offering from January a multi- skills club based around Rugby for the years 1 and 2 run by Triline, paid for by parents.


The school also participates in many in-school and out-of-school competitions. Our commitment to this, as well as all the opportunities we offer, means that we are aiming to achieve the School Games Silver Award this year.


Other enrichment activities that have taken place this year:


• Chance to shine (Run by Howard Moxham from Flitwick Club)
• Freddie Fit (a fun fitness session with music and games)
• Bikeability – run for the year 4s to help prepare them for travelling on bikes on their own.
• A gymnastics specialist who worked with the children to help improve their basic skills of gymnastics.


To help improve children’s level of fitness, we also subscribe to ‘5 a day’. This is a series of ‘copy me’ fitness/dance activities that children follow on the interactive whiteboard and are great fun. We also have ‘zoned’ areas in the playground for lunchtime where children choose which ‘active’ activity they want to take part in.The year four children have the opportunity to train as young leaders/sports ambassadorsand deliver games to the younger children at lunchtimes. These children will also help to deliver our sports day and in- school competitions.

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