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  • Attendance
  • Nursery
  • Reception 97.44%
  • Year 1 98.69%
  • Year 2 97.84%
  • Year 3 98.31%
  • Year 4 96.54
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Achievement of Pupils


Early Years:                                                                                                                                             The proportion of pupils attaining a good level of development (GLD) is 71% above the 2014 national average (60%)                                                                                                                   Results are higher than 2014 national in all areas of learning.


Phonics:                                                                                                                                                 88% Working at (WA) (2014 National 74%)


Attainment at Key Stage 1:                                                                                                       Reading Average Points score 17.6 (16.7 in 2014 School National 2014 16.5)                       Writing Average Points score 17.0 (15.5 in 2014 School and National 2014 15.1)                          Maths Average score 17.9 (16.6 in 2014 School and National 2014 16.2)

These results are very pleasing as they are above last year’s results in all subjects and well above the national average in all subjects.



  Gender Disadvantaged pupils  
Reading Girls out performing boys by 0.7%  (1.8 in 2014)Nat gap 0.9 2014 16.3 (LA 2015 -15.4)LA (Local Authority)  
Writing Girls out performing boys by 0.9 (3.2 in 2014)Nat gap 1.3 2014 15.0 (LA 2015 – 14.3)  
Maths Boys out performing girls by 1.1 (1.1 in 2014)Nat gap 0.1 2014 14.3 (LA 2015 – 15.3)  


  % of pupils below ARE % of pupils at ARE % of pupils above ARE
Reading 6 31 64
Writing 15 50 35
Maths 8 48 44


  Gender                                          Vulnerable pupils
Reading  Girls 96% ARE + 71% above ARE               71% ARE + 42% above ARE       Boys 93% ARE + 57% above ARE
Writing Girls 96% ARE +                                           43% ARE + 29% above ARE       Boys 75% ARE
Maths Girls 96% ARE + 50% above ARE                 71% ARE + 29% above ARE       Boys 89% ARE + 29% above ARE

ARE = Age related expectations. When a child achieves all the objectives for their year group they will have met ARE. (Objectives for reading, writing and maths for each year group will be distributed at parents evening)

On-going Assessment

Children’s progress is assessed throughout the school year using ‘Assessing Pupil Progress’ grids for literacy, numeracy, ICT and science.  Their learning through the International Primary Curriculum is assessed with IPC milepost assessment.  National Curriculum assessment is used for PE and music.

Annual Statutory testing

Our children in Year 1 are statutorily assessed on their Phonics knowledge during the summer term.  Also they are statutorily assessed at the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2).  .

Annual Reports

Each child of statutory school age will receive an annual report in June/July of each year. For children in Foundation Stage parents will receive the Foundation Stage Profile detailing their child’s achievements prior to starting Year 1.

Children in Years 3 and 4 also receive a mid-year report for Literacy and Numeracy in February each year.

Accessing School Performance Tables

To access Templefield Lower Schools Performance Data on the DfE website please use the following link:

Principles Underpinning Assessment

We believe that assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. We therefore seek to assess children’s learning and progress following the principles outlined here, in order that each child is enabled to achieve their potential.
Assessment Principles for Teaching Staff
• Assessment provides evidence to guide all teaching and learning
• Assessment processes are fair, rigorous, honest and transparent
• Assessment ensures that all children have a clear pathway of progress and development
• Assessment is focussed on specific learning objectives and success criteria
• Assessment helps teachers to allocate resources efficiently and effectively to meet the individual needs of children
• Assessment objectives set high expectations for all pupils
• Assessment draws on a wide range of evidence to provide a clear and accurate picture of each child’s achievement
• Assessment informs future target setting
• Assessment judgements are moderated by experienced teachers both in school and by external professionals
• Assessment is in line with national expectations
Our aim is to ensure that assessment feedback should inspire children and parents to recognise that with effort and a belief that through hard work, practice and support more can be achieved, in a positive learning environment.
Assessment Principles for Children
• Assessment provides children with clear knowledge of their next steps for learning
• Assessment celebrates their achievements and efforts
• Assessment is inclusive and adapted where appropriate so that all children can access the opportunities to demonstrate their learning
• Assessment is focussed on specific objectives which are stated so that children can demonstrate and review their own progress
Assessment Principles for Parents
• Assessment provides meaningful information which is readily understood about children’s progress, achievements and targets
• There are opportunities each term for parents to receive formal feedback from teachers about their child’s development, progress and achievement
• Assessment provides parents with information which helps them to support their child’s learning

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Templefield Lower School Open Days Friday 5th Oct 2018 at 9.30am and Wednesday 7th Nov 2018 at 1.30pm for children due to start school September 2019

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